4 Business Tips Learned From Game of Thrones

4 Business Tips Learned From Game of Thrones

4 Strategic Business Tips Learned From Game of Thrones

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“Winter is coming” has to be one of the most use phrases on the internet. This is all thanks to HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones. GOT is more than a fantasy series from HBO and goes beyond the battles and resolution for seven kingdoms. In order to avoid spoilers, this article is focused on key lessons to note from all seasons in general without specifying the exact scenes.

1. The power of unity

Various scenes show that the army that wins the battle is not in the multitude of numbers but the one that comes with a united force. The King of the Seven Kingdoms, Robert Baratheon held up five fingers and one finger and asked the queen which one is greater. The queen as expected said five. The king went on to explain how the power in having a one united army. As Nick Dujnic, a multimedia marketing manager said, “Choose people that are passionate and focused on a singular goal–your goal. The worst thing you can do is to surround yourself with a team that, no matter how smart or talented, does not believe in your product. A united force, one that truly believes in what you are doing and wants to see it through to the end, will do what is necessary to find success.”

2. Have a strategy

One of the rulers in the northern lands of the Seven Kingdoms, House Stark has a lesson that every business startup should never forget- ‘Winter is coming’ Every successful endeavour is based on strategic planning. To be vigilant of the unforeseen and prepare for what is to come is to win in business. Planning on one area eventually leads to success in other areas too.

3. Act with Courage

There are lots of courageous acts going on in Game of Thrones. Remember the words of the character, Eddard Stark, ‘The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.’ This means to take the bull by the horn and not shy away from taking risks. There is no true success in business without acts of courage at every new level.

4. Focus on your strengths

A good example of not focusing on your strength is seen when the Greyjoys decided to focus all their energy on battles in the North capitol of Westeros that were already taken. As a business, don’t try to outplay your competitors by going into what they are already doing. You take the lead by channeling your energy and resources on your main vision that makes you different from others.

In the quest to dominate the kingdoms, there are indeed real-life lessons to learn from the much anticipated and most viewed TV series. The next time you watch Game of Thrones or some other series/movie, do take note of these business lessons.

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