5 Daring Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Game In Nigeria

5 Daring Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Game In Nigeria

5 Daring Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Game In Nigeria

In a recent publication about Nigerian entrepreneurs, we discussed, the ingredients needed to be successful in Nigeria.  As earlier stated, Nigeria is a gold mine for those who are able to identify the vast opportunities it presents and capitalize on how to solve people’s need.

The major challenge facing most entrepreneurs is overcoming customers’ inertia. This is where most budding businesses in Nigeria fail. They lack the patience to wait until the customer’s resistance is broken. In this article, we shall examine the life of 5 daring young Nigerian entrepreneurs who are changing the game in Nigeria and beyond.

  1. Priscilla Emasoga, CEO Emas Blog, Affiliate marketer, and Crypto Trader- 19 years

Priscilla Emasoga
















Recently, the Nigerian News and blogosphere was inundated with the motivating story of a 19-year-old lady who gifted her parents two new cars to mark her birthday. While the world sees her success story, no one is aware that she was scammed several times and had to struggle to become relevant in the blogosphere. Ema is a blogger, an affiliate marketer and one of the few people who took the bold step of investing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins) when almost everyone was keeping it low key.

  1. Aigbe Omoregie, Founder Intercontinental Paints35 years

Aigbe Omoregie








Mr Omoregie is one of the Nigerian entrepreneurs who made Forbes list of 30 most influential and promising young entrepreneurs in Africa. He is the founder of Intercontinental Paints, a fast-growing paint manufacturing company based in Lagos. His company was founded in 2006 with as little as $100 in savings and he is now a confident employer of more than 50 people since the inception of his business.

  1. Nichole Onome Yembra, Managing Partner, GreenHouse Capital– 30 years

Nichole Onome Yembra











Following closely on the Forbes list is this wonderful Chief Financial, Risk and Investment Officer for Venture Garden Group (VCG). He is also a Managing Partner at the GreenHouse Capital, VCG’s investment arm. Nichole joined the group and guided the formal legal structure of the fund. She also led the investment into 8 new ventures in 2016. This raised the group to the 14 companies it has today.

The scope of services offered by Nichole goes beyond the shores of VCG as she has also served as a local partner for foreign investors who are eager to transform African Technology start-ups. The company protect has over 3000 students which it tutors on how to revolutionize off-grid solar solutions and increased banking services of Nigeria’s nearly 84.6 unbanked population.

  1. Onyekachi Ekezie, Founder, Kaptain Foods– 34 years

Onyekachi Ekezie








Kaptain foods is a food processing company. It specializes in the production of a range of pre-cooked and packaged ready to eat tomato stews. Certainly, Onyekachi’s firm is boosting the agricultural sector in Nigeria by encouraging the local spice farmers. Onyekachi is sure one of the Nigerian entrepreneurs to go far in business.

  1. Chude Jideonwo (33 years) & Adebola Williams (32 years), Founders, Red Media

Chude Jideonwo & Adebola Williams









The duos are co-founders and partners of RED which is a leading full-service media-content, communication, and Development Company in Nigeria. Above all, RED focuses on Africa’s youth and is a public relations company for Facebook, Generation Y, Heineken, Union Bank, and Uber.


You don’t need to be old to become successful in life. Nigerian entrepreneurs are making waves everywhere. Get the right idea, get the right connection and you are on your way to success. Also, Interact with us by dropping your comments, we will love to hear from you.