6 Christmas marketing ideas to boost sales this holiday

6 Christmas marketing ideas to boost sales this holiday

Christmas is around the corner and it presents the perfect opportunity to promote your business and increase sales. The festivity around Christmas has created one of the biggest shopping frenzy among people. This can be seen in the demand for Christmas decorations, gift items, events and travels expenses during this period.

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrated in most countries around the world, however it’s seeing increasing popularity among non-Christians. Christmas is seen as the biggest economic stimulus around the world as people tend to spend more during this period.

These interesting stats below all help to give more credence to the purchasing power of consumers during Christmas.

  1. 20% to 40% of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers takes place within the last two months of the year. (National Retail foundation)
  2. 49% of marketers will launch a holiday marketing campaign before Halloween.
  3. Consumers spent an estimated $5.5 billion at locally-owned stores and restaurants on small business Saturday.

If you have started planning for the Christmas sales, thumbs up, but if you haven’t then it’s never too late to start. At Naspire we can help you with some lovely Christmas marketing ideas to boost your business this holiday.

Send Newsletters to all your customers: Emails are powerful and when you send it during important holidays such as Christmas you will increase the bond between you and your customers. Your newsletters should be unique and a departure from your normal newsletters. You may want to offer customers special Christmas coupons and discounts.

Send Christmas gifts to high value customers: This may be an expensive thing to do but when you look at the overall long-term effect then you would realize how effective it is. When carrying out this campaign ensure you segment your most valuable customers or high net worth customers. It will be a loss to send to Christmas gifts to inactive or low paying customers.

Run a Christmas campaign on social media: There are over 2 billion people on social media. Social media is the cheapest way to reach existing and potential customers. Your Christmas campaign should be creative and should be engaging enough to get participation from users. Your campaign can be run on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Run an outdoor Christmas campaign: Outdoor activities is important in capturing people’s attention because it create experiential marketing which online marketing fails to achieve. An interesting outdoor campaign could be a roadshow with music and dancers to create awareness for your products.

Run a giveaway: A give away campaign is a campaign where you give out your product for free. If you are looking for Christmas marketing ideas then you should try a give away.  Christmas is a perfect time to run a giveaway as people are already in the mood of sharing. This will create great frenzy for your brand as people try to win your give away.

Create a Christmas event: Christmas is a special period to bond with your customers. This will help build loyalty with your customers. A Christmas themed event can be in any form. It could be a boat cruise with some of your customers, a beach party, a guest show, a movie outing. The rule of thumb, make it memorable for customers.

There are several Christmas marketing ideas you can use to spice up this Christmas holiday. The most important thing is to be creative, spontaneous and memorable. Remember Christmas only comes once in a year and it is a perfect period to launch the new year.