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The Business of Lobbying in Nigeria

In recent times, stakeholder management has become particularly important for businesses partly because of the increasing complexities of the political and business environment, locally and

Big Brother Naija Logo

The Business called Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija is a Nigerian reality TV Show where individuals are put together in a house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by TV cameras. In this period, thee participants, referred to as ‘Housemates’, are not aware of happenings outside the house. Housemate(s) are evicted weekly, at the mercy of the viewer’s votes, and sometimes nominations from their fellow housemates. The voting results are pooled, calculated and independently verified by an Auditing firm and presented on the show. The last housemate left standing after the final eviction is crowned the winner of the show getting the prizes and accolades.

With unbelievable popularity, and diverging views, this show has generated criticisms, fights, money, and a lot of controversy. The “cult-like” following of the participants is a first for reality TV shows in Nigeria.

This case study analyses the business model, influence, criticisms and potential of the Reality TV Show and provides insights for entrepreneurs and businesses around the continent.

Naspire 2020 Half Year Business Insights

Naspire 2020 Half-year Insights is a summary report of headline socioeconomic events in Nigeria including insights on their impact on businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers.
These insights are crucial for corporates, SMEs, professionals, entrepreneurs, or individuals curious about the events unfolding in the macroeconomic environment.

MTN Nigeria: On a Y’ello brick road

“It will take an intellectual and management challenge to displace MTN”, said Keem Belo-Osagie, the former Chairman of Etisalat now 9mobile, one of MTNN’s competitors, in his April 2013 Forbes interview.

This 2018 case study analyses how MTN Nigeria strategised, executed and conquered challenges on its way to becoming Nigeria’s largest GSM network.

Covenant University: The rise of the Eagles!

Nigerian Higher Institutions graduate over 1 million students annually into the Nigerian workforce in the face of numerous challenges such as rundown facilities, inadequate tutoring, staff strikes, etc. These challenges have led to a majority of graduates ending up unemployed or underemployed.

However, Covenant University (CU) is doing things differently (or so it seems) as 9 out of 10 of its graduates are employed after graduation. CU has been identified as an institution that breeds stars and influence makers in society, all achieved in a relatively short span.

This case study analyses the environment, strengths, challenges, operations and competitive edge that has made it successful.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

By Akin Monehin I moved from British Airways (BA) Call Centre in 2001, into a Sales Executive position in Virgin Atlantic (VS) after a nice