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Big Brother Naija Logo

The Business called Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija is a Nigerian reality TV Show where individuals are put together in a house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by TV cameras. In this period, thee participants, referred to as ‘Housemates’, are not aware of happenings outside the house. Housemate(s) are evicted weekly, at the mercy of the viewer’s votes, and sometimes nominations from their fellow housemates. The voting results are pooled, calculated and independently verified by an Auditing firm and presented on the show. The last housemate left standing after the final eviction is crowned the winner of the show getting the prizes and accolades.

With unbelievable popularity, and diverging views, this show has generated criticisms, fights, money, and a lot of controversy. The “cult-like” following of the participants is a first for reality TV shows in Nigeria.

This case study analyses the business model, influence, criticisms and potential of the Reality TV Show and provides insights for entrepreneurs and businesses around the continent.

MAKEUP 101 (History of Make-up)

History of Make-up Makeup has been in existence since the times of the Early Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Romans and Elizabethans before the 21st century .