How To Read and Understand – See Few Steps

Read and Understand

Reading is one of the most difficult activity for a lot of people. Some prefer watching videos or listening to audios than reading. Reading can only be interesting when you understand what you read and you are able to recall the main ideas when you need them. In this article we have gathered few steps to help you read and understand what you read.


  1. Firstly, ask yourself why you want to read, read with a purpose of achieving  a goal at the end.
  2. Go through what you want to read, just skim through the pictures and the notable paragraphs
  3. Master and get used to your reading mechanics
  4. Take notes or key points while reading
  5. Visualise or picture whatever you are reading in your brain
  6. Use headings, pictures and key points to memorize what you read
  7. Read at your own pace and convenient time, don’t over flog your brain
  8. Take a break while reading, and do what you like doing to avoid over working the brain
  9. Rehearse when you’re done reading
  10. Take a quiz to be sure you understand what you read.

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