Lift Yourself From a Career Slump

Lift Yourself From a Career Slump

We live in an economy and culture that promotes high salaries and professions. The 70 percent is a byproduct of how difficult it is to find ways to make money doing what you love. Once you are in a job and comfortable, it can be even more challenging to take the step needed to actually make a change.

Proven strategies to get out of the slump and do more of what you love:

1. Embrace Self-Honesty
Forget what your parents think you should do. Forget what your spouse and friends think you should do. Think about what you actually enjoy. It is hard to look in the mirror and realize that what you have been working toward for a long time is not what you enjoy.

Despite how difficult it is to come to terms with this, it will ultimately make you much happier. The options are to continue to convince yourself that you enjoy your work or to be honest and work toward change. Choosing the former option means spending the next who-knows-how-many years being unhappy. Picking option two will be difficult to start, but it will lead you to more fulfillment long-term.

2. Appreciate what you have:
Regardless of how you feel about your career, remember all of the amazing things that you do have in your life. It can be disheartening to realize that we have been spending time on the wrong thing or that we are in a challenging situation. That said, we are incredibly fortunate to be in a situation where we can be thinking about our career path.

Putting your life into the larger context and remembering all of the great things that you do have will boost your energy and spirits toward career growth.

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