Lift Yourself From A Career Slump. 2

Lift Yourself From A Career Slump. 2

The longer we spend in careers that we do not enjoy, the deeper we sink. We often convince ourselves that we enjoy our job, even though that might not be the case. This shouldn’t be the case and this year should be your year to get over this!

1. Read and explore always.
Exposing yourself to new ideas and fields will open your eyes to the world.

There is unlimited access to content today, so take advantage. It can be difficult to get started, but by trying to spend time in places (physically or digitally) where others with similar interests exist, you will be exposed to the content that they are exploring. Explore your intellectual curiosities because they can take you to great places. Even if it is just toward enjoyment in learning.

2. Be courageous to start afresh
This is one of the most challenging parts of a career slump. You likely already have experience under your belt in some field or type of work. Starting over is scary. There are others who have been pursuing what you might be interested in for a long time.

That said, it is never too late to start.

Your past experience can help you more than you might realize. You will be bringing a unique perspective toward whatever you decide to take on, and that should not be discounted. I’ve started and failed several times. Learn to pick yourself up no matter what part of life you’re in.