NIGERIAN STUDENTS BUILDING AIRCRAFT : A group of five Nigerian students of the International College of Aeronautics in Lagos are now in Mexico building their own aircraft.

The founder of the flight school, Solomon Adio, a Nigerian, who has reportedly worked as a pilot in the United State is said to be making efforts to ensure the students build an aircraft of their own.

According to Columbia Daily Tribune, Adio who designed a curriculum about aircraft building for the College enrol Nigerian students to study  Aircraft Building Engineering Technology.

However, rather than building the aircraft in Nigeria, the school decided that the best learning opportunity would be for the students to travel to the U.S to build the aircraft.

Only students who have completed the first two years of their study in Aircraft Building Engineering Technology at the ICA are eligible to make the trip.

The five students – David OpateyiboFausat IdowuAliyyah Adio, Michael Fakuade and Abdul-Hafeez Onisarotu -made the trip with Adio and are now in Mexico building an aircraft.

The students will live in Mexico until September while they work at the factory to fully construct their own two-seater airplane using Zenith Aircraft Company workshop,  Columbia Daily Tribune reports.

“This is the first of its kind in the country and we’re probably gonna be doing exhibition flights all over the country first, get more people interested in it. Now (the students) can start to get orders from other people to build aeroplanes for them. It will be exciting, something everybody’s looking forward to,” Adio said.

Moreover, the owner and president of Zenith Aircraft Company in Mexico, Sebastien Heintz, said Adio discussed bringing Nigeria students to Mexico several years ago.

Once the students complete the building of the aircraft, the plane according to Adio will be shipped back to Nigeria and put it into use as both a training tool and a functional airplane.



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