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Naspire 2020 Half Year Business Insights

Naspire 2020 Half-year Insights is a summary report of headline socioeconomic events in Nigeria including insights on their impact on businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers.
These insights are crucial for corporates, SMEs, professionals, entrepreneurs, or individuals curious about the events unfolding in the macroeconomic environment.

Tunji Adegbite discusses why telling the African Business Story is important

[Podcast] Telling the African Business Story

In this episode of The Obani Show, Tunji Adegbite (founder of Naspire) shares with us what it takes to build a formidable business as well as why it is important for the stories of African businesses to be told.

The Crab & Snail philosophy

Ever been to a local market? Noticed how live Crabs and Snails are kept prior to sale? Any difference? What lessons can be inferred from