Top 10 Tips for Achieving Great Success in your Job

Top 10 Tips for Achieving Great Success in your Job

10 tips for achieving success in your job

Have you thought of achieving great career success in your job?

If it took you a while to get a job, then I am sure you will agree with the saying that “searching for a job is a job”. If searching for a job is a job, what about achieving great career success and remaining in the job?

Research carried out by Gallup in 2016 revealed that “87% of millennial rate professional career growth and developmental opportunities as important to them as in a job”. If you really value your fight to get a job, then achieving career success should not be an option for you.

We understand that knowing the exact steps to take or things to do to achieve great career success in your job may be confusing, you don’t have to worry that’s why we are here. We put these tips (top 10 tips to achieve career success) together just to help you achieve success in your job.


Top 10 Tips for Achieving Great Success in your Job

 1.  Choose the Right Job

Achieving great career success in your job starts with your choice of job. Choosing your job carefully is what will bring career success in the long run. You should choose a career that is built around your interest, skill or talent. There are usually turbulent times doing a job especially if you are new, but if you are passionate about what you are doing, the enthusiasm and passion are what will help you remain calm and move forward.

It is interest and passion and love for what you do that will give you the drive to keep moving forward. When you are interested in what you do, you will easily see yourself fighting to reach the top.  According to research, people that love what they do will end up achieving great career success than those that don’t love what they do.

Before you choose your job, you should ask yourself the following questions;

  • What is my interest?
  • Does this job fit my personality?
  • Can I thrive in this job?
  • Are there growth opportunities?
  • Is this the right environment for me?

Be careful with your choice of job. It is easier to achieve a great career success working in a positive environment.

2. Set Career Goals

It is easier to achieve a great career success when you set goals. You can achieve any career when there are set goals you want to achieve.  To achieve great career success over a period of time, it is always important for you to set clear goals that will help you achieve career success.

You must have it at the back of your mind that you are not employed to work hard (even if working hard is important) or get busy. You are employed to help the company achieve its vision and goal to be it short or long term. Your employer will access you based on the effort you put to helping the company achieve its goal.

To achieve career success, you should set personal career goals that you want to achieve, and work towards achieving them. To set goals that will help you achieve career success in your job, you have to do the following;

  • Know the organizational goal
  • Understand the organizational goal
  • Set personal goals that will help position you to achieve organizational goal
  • Set a time to every goal be it short or long term
  • Let your goals be progressive, meaning that each of your goals should progress towards meeting organizational goals. 

3.   Work Hard and Smart

Hard work is key to achieving success in any career. Once you have decided a career path and have set a clear career path, then the next thing to do is to work hard to make sure you achieve your set goals. Working hard is not about taking up too much task or juggling different task. Your hard work should be channeled in the way that it will produce the result.

To work hard, you have to plan a strategy that will help you channel the energy in the right direction. You should prepare your day well ahead and plan each activity smartly so that your effort can pay off at the end of the day. Calculating your hard work and pushing your limits will definitely help you achieve a successful career in your job.

You need to be determined and disciplined to be hard working. These tips will help you work hard;

  • Be ready to work and convince yourself that you can do it
  • Take charge of what you want to do
  • Surround yourself with people that are hard working
  • Take your task one step at a time
  • Ask questions and network with people that know better than you
  • Always stay positive that you can achieve it

 4.   Take Ownership of what you do

Owning what you do goes a long way to help you achieve success in your career. Many employees see their job as just something that they have to do, like something that they are paid to do and nothing more.

Most employers don’t look forward to having employees that will just do their jobs and go, employers, look forward to getting employees that will take ownership of what they do. Going to work every day and just completing a task doesn’t make any difference. But being in charge and taking ownership of what you do gives you a bigger picture of what you are doing and what you will achieve in the nearest future. Owning what you do helps you know more about how it is channeled and how it affects the general aim and vision of the organization.

Owning your work does not mean taking total control of everything, it means being interested and concerned about you do. Don’t look at your job like you are renting yourself out for 8 hours, see it as your business that you want to watch grow. You can learn how to own your job with these tips;

  • Be personal; Take like it is your business that deserves your attention
  • Feel in charge of what you do
  • Be happy about what you do
  • See your work as more than a means to an end

 5.   Keep a Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude can help you achieve great success at work. Now, the question here is how do you keep a positive attitude? Keeping positive is having an optimistic mindset about everything that concerns your work or the business.

Keeping a positive attitude is remaining calm and hopeful even when things are blowing up right in your face. The ability to keep calm and focused on the way forward is keeping a positive attitude. Challenges and difficulties are part of the day-to-day life of human being, but being frustrated or consumed by the problem can drag you down. You should rather see challenges as situations that you can learn and grow from.

Never give up a difficult task, try your best to find your way around it. Employers take note of problem-solving skills. You never can tell, that task may lead to your promotion.

6.   Be Ready to Give More

Giving more is one thing that most employees don’t like to hear, but that is the truth. In the world of work, you must be able to give more if you want to achieve great career success in that job. Employers are usually thrilled by employees that have something to offer aside from what was specified in the job description.

To be an exceptional employee, you have to be able and willing to give more than what is required. The essence is not to put yourself under any form of pressure and do too much. Giving more is doing better than expected even when performing your task.

The main purpose of doing more is not living for your work, but to show your supervisor that you are a unique and concerned employee.

7.   Be Ready to Learn

You will need to always be open-minded to learn and grow while performing your task. No matter the skill or knowledge you have, you will still have to listen and learn from others because you can’t be a well of knowledge. What you may learn may not be related to skills, but it might be how to thrive in that particular work environment especially if you are new.

What you learn from others may be that spark that you need to take the next step to move your career forward. Your readiness and willingness to learn from any and everybody are what will give you that extra push you need to develop your career. Learn from your colleagues, learn from mentors, network with people that do what you do, see what they do better and learn how you can apply it to your work.

8.   Understand Your Job Needs and Expectations

To achieve great career success in your job, then you must make sure you understand the needs and expectations that are set for you performing that particular task and company’s need as well. For every company, there is a need that they want to fill and expectations they have built to meet that need.

To achieve great career success, you have to make sure your activities are channeled towards meeting up with your employer’s need/expectation as well as that of the company. Understanding this will help you work hard constructively. Creating a good relationship with your boss or supervisor can help you learn about their expectation and what you can do to meet up and even surpass it.

9. Evaluate yourself regularly

One of the best ways to know if you are growing career wise is to keep evaluating your performance regularly. Evaluating your performance regularly helps you keep track of your performance and the things you need to do better.

You don’t necessarily need to wait for the annual appraisal to know what level you are career-wise, you can do it yourself. Evaluating yourself before your annual appraisal is preparing yourself to go higher at your work even before the general appraisal.

One way you can evaluate yourself is to set goals you want to achieve and set timelines to achieve them. If you are new to the job, you can start with setting short-term goals and then go on to set long-term goals as you grow older in the job. Set a detailed plan to achieve these goals. The plans can be weekly or monthly plans.

To access yourself based on your plan is to break down the task that you want to achieve and make out time to access yourself every week to know what you have done and where you are going to. This will help you know if you have to change your strategy and things you have to do better looking at your previous task and evaluation.

10.Grow your Skills

You can’t overlook the need to grow your skills if you want to grow your career. We all know that the 21st-century world of work is skill based. Employers in the 21st century are concerned about what you have to offer the organization. With the daily improvements that science and technology have brought, employers skill-set expectation has grown even bigger. So to remain relevant and achieve great career success in your job, you must grow your skills.

As the day goes by everything is changing. Even the same job role will have a different description or expectation as time goes on. So you should always invest your personal time to external learning. You don’t have to wait until your company organizes or sends you for training before you can develop your skills. Growing your skills set takes personal effort. You need to put that personal effort to stand out among others and achieve great career success.

You can also acquire some soft skills that can help you achieve great career success. See soft skills you need to achieve great career success at work;

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability

Achieving great career success goes beyond getting a job. It is one thing to get a job, it is another thing to remain relevant in the job. It takes a lot of effort to make a positive impact in your job and achieve great career success. Challenges and hurdles are normal in every career journey, but with a positive spirit and great skills, you can always achieve great career success.